Services: following you step by step

From the very first contact, the Sereno Group's interior designers will help guide you in the choice of the most suitable furniture for you, marrying taste, space and individual budget in the best possible way. From the direct inspection of the operators, to the virtual tour of the render for a preview of the final result. From organised storage in the warehouse to punctual, smooth assembly to joinery and after-sales support to be close to you, always.


Logistics and storage

Along the roads of Piedmont, Liguria and France we follow the route of our furniture and products step by step, to accompany them safely to your home or office. We assemble them thanks to our qualified team of 7 experienced fitters, who are able to bring a tailor-made, turnkey furniture service directly to you. For every problem we are ready to give you a quick and practical solution.

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    C.so Unità d’Italia 59A – Località Biglini – 12051 Alba (Cuneo)

    Tel. 0173 441726

    Orari: dal martedì al sabato 09.30/12.30 – 15.00/19.30


    Regione San Quirico, 670 – S.R. 20 – 12044 Centallo (CN)

    Tel. 0171 211.333

    Orari: lunedì dalle 15.00 alle 19.30 dal martedì al sabato 09.30/12.30 – 15.00/19.30


    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 26/C, 10123 Torino TO

    Tel. +39 011 0252366

    Orari: dal martedì al sabato 10.00 - 19.00