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Services: everything to follow you step by step in furnishing your spaces

From the beginning of our relationship, our designers will be by your side to guide you in choosing the furniture that best suits you, skillfully combining your personal taste, available space, and budget. From the direct inspection by our experts to the possibility of taking a virtual tour of the render to offer you a preview of the final result. From organizing storage in our warehouse to precise and seamless assembly. Furthermore, we will always be at your disposal to provide you with after-sales assistance and support of all kinds from our carpentry, ensuring you a hassle-free furnishing experience.


Discover all our achievements. We take care of our clients from the project stage to assembly, including the creation of renders that provide a true 'photograph' of what the final result will be. We offer a 'turnkey' furnishing service from project to assembly.

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Explore all our achievements, from which it is evident how we take care of our clients from the beginning of the project until assembly, also offering the early creation of renders that provide a clear vision of the final result. Our 'turnkey' furnishing service accompanies you from start to finish, managing every phase of the project, right through to on-site assembly.

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Through the roads of Piedmont, Liguria, and France, we carefully follow the path of our furniture and products, ensuring accurate assistance until they safely arrive at your home or office. Assembly is entrusted to our qualified team, composed of teams of expert installers, who offer a tailored, comprehensive 'turnkey' furnishing service directly at your location. We are ready to provide quick and practical solutions for any problem that may arise along the way.

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Our history is rooted in craftsmanship, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and highly skilled artisans, with a deep passion for their craft. We have a carpentry workshop capable of adapting and customizing furniture according to your specific needs, ensuring that they are perfectly suited to the environments in which they will be placed, without overlooking any detail. We are one of the few Italian companies that maintains an in-house custom carpentry service, and this is a distinctive element of Ruatasio Home and Gruppo Sereno.

Alba Unità d’Italia 59A – Località Biglini – 12051 Alba (Cuneo)

Tel. 0173 441726

Orari: dal martedì al sabato 09.30/12.30 – 15.00/19.30


Regione San Quirico, 670 – S.R. 20 – 12044 Centallo (CN)

Tel. 0171 211.333

Orari: lunedì dalle 15.00 alle 19.30 dal martedì al sabato 09.30/12.30 – 15.00/19.30


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 26/C, 10123 Torino TO

Tel. +39 011 0252366

Orari: dal martedì al sabato 10.00 - 19.00