Ruatasio Home: a historic brand for a long family history.

In 1920, from the initiative of Giovanni Sereno, our first carpentry workshop was born in Centallo, marking the beginning of the long history of Gruppo Sereno. Over the years, our commercial offering has expanded, always keeping up with the times and evolving furniture trends, consistently offering the best through the catalogs of major brands. In 2019, the Gruppo Sereno family expanded by acquiring the historic brand Ruatasio Home and adding the new exhibition space in Alba, with over 3000 m2 of offerings spread across four floors. This allowed us to reach a total area of 11,000 m2 between the two locations of Centallo and Alba; two showrooms where you can discover the best of contemporary furniture in carefully curated and ever-changing environments.

One unified Group, always evolving to offer the best in furniture.

Since 2019, Gruppo Sereno has joined forces with Ruatasio Home and since 2022, in the heart of Turin, arrives Arkèstudio: A small design studio led by a fresh and dynamic team, with a keen eye on the contemporary urban context, yet always preserving the values, taste, and high quality that have always distinguished this group. At Ruatasio Home, you can find consistently new and carefully curated designs in the combination of accessories and colors. An unparalleled offering for every budget, including immediate delivery options, with the same quality that has always characterized Gruppo Sereno.

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    Alba Unità d’Italia 59A – Località Biglini – 12051 Alba (Cuneo)

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    Regione San Quirico, 670 – S.R. 20 – 12044 Centallo (CN)

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    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 26/C, 10123 Torino TO

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