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Design, creativity, experience: a continuative family journey. Everything is about passion, love, vision. At the heart of all this, there is a story .. and the moral is that the furniture of a space has to assume the same identity of whom lives it. That’s why since a long time ago, Gruppo Sereno deals with the furniture and accessories idea, selecting and proposing the best sector brands, complementing customized projects and the best brand design.

The prompt delivery

With the furniture and accessories selection in the form of prompt delivery from the Casa Pronta Subito catalog, you can instantly make your house unique at very special prices. The choice is easy with ideal furniture for young couples, flat to rent, transfer students, accomodation for singles, second houses…

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La Casa Moderna

In a world which is always the same, where everything is homologated, la Casa Moderna represent our way to be different. La Casa Moderna was born thanks to the power, a group of companies created by Gruppo Sereno together with the best italian professionals: 70 stores in the area, 350 interior designer specialists and millions of clients, who have already chosen to realize their houses with great satisfaction.

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Office and contract

Innovation, passion, skills, ideas and concreteness are the factors that everyday make us improving ourselves, to offer the customers excellent products and services. Our “Office partition and Contract” project, demonstrate that, even in this furniture sectors, we pay attention to the final result and competitivity.

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The advantages with Arredanet Association

A close-knit group, able to face a market that constantly changes , with common objectives and innovative projects. The private collection La Casa Moderna, for example, is the flagship of the activity. A registered trademark, to identify furniture and accessories, realized for a large part exclusively.

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From 1968, you can find the furniture that you are looking for, going to Sereno, in Centallo or Alba.
It doesn’t matter which is the space to decorate: house, company, office, bathroom.
What matters is to reflect your style!

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